Simple Income &
Expense Manager

One App, different platforms, available for SME book keeping and Retail POS for physical shops.

Some of the best features Of Our App!

Monitor Sales & track Inventory

MAT SMART SHOP gives you a First-Hand information of your sales and inventory accross your stores

Multi-Store Management

Helps you to manage your inventory in multiple stores and facilitates inter-store transfers.

Income and Expense Report

Record your income and expenses for information on profit and loss.

Facilitate Transactions

With our Desktop POS, you can ring sales & print receipts, manage expenses and review reports.

Enjoy the benefits of our App

Work Offline

No internet connection? No Problem. Work offline and sync your data with the cloud whenever connection is available.

Invoices and Receipts

Easily print invoices and receipts generated from the app with a Bluetooth Printer / Thermal Printer or send receipts/invoices via email.

Automated Book Keeping

Conveniently manage the financial affairs of your business with simple tools.

Accurate Calculations

Complex calculations are performed using various datasets from multiple transactions.

Wild Fire

Increase your customer base in a snap and spike your revenue with Wild Fire. *Available to only Premium Customers*
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Work from anywhere

Work offline and sync your data with the cloud whenever connection is available.


A sneak peek of Mat Smart Shop Mobile, Desktop & Web respectively.

Choose a plan that best works for your business.

(Available for Web & Mobile)
PREMIUM PLAN *recommended
(Available for Web & Mobile)
(Available for Desktop, Web & Mobile)
Income, Expense & Inventory Level Tracking
Profit/Loss Tracking
Quick Invoices and Quotations
Credit Sales Tracking
Budget Tracking
Customer Profile Management
Transaction Classification
Inventory Valuation Report
Multi User Management
Bulk Item Upload
VAT Output Report
Buying Habits (AI report)
Real Time Reports
Credit Purchases Tracking
Virtual Store(Online Catalogue)
Multi-Level(refferal) Marketing Channel
Customer Incentive Management
Online Order Booking
WhatsApp Based Ordering
Refferal Reward
Social Media Marketing
Automatic Conversion of Order to Invoice
Stability-Comfort of working offline on multi sales points
Print With Thermal Printer
Print With Mobile Printer
Ring Sales with Barcode Scanner
Upload of Items with Barcode
Maximum Creation of Sales Points 2 3 3


New users get a 20% discount if they forgo trial and subscribe right away.


What Our Customers
Have to Say

Google User

This app is very good. It's one of the apps I'm not letting go anytime soon.

Abubakar F.

Very easy to use, and has made tracking my numbers super easy. Honestly, it deserves a 5 star.

Kesiena J.

I love the app, helps me keep track of my business. I love the fact that it works offline and online. can't wait for the WhatsApp feature to be active

Ifeoma O.

This app makes bookkeeping easy for me. I like how they respond to issues, quite efficient. Great customer service. Highly recommend it.

Make your business take flight with the complete bookkeeping & marketing toolset.

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