Smart Shop Wildfire

Smart Shop Wildfire was created to facilitate sustainable, incremental sales for small business. It is a patchwork of a Business Referral System, a Customer Loyalty and Reward Scheme and capped with the immense marketing potential of social media.

Get maximum and sustained exposure for your business as your business spreads like wildfire and experience a sales explosion when you apply Wildfire from Smart Shop.

Only Smart Shop premium users have access to Wildfire features, please click here for our plans and pricing.


The storefront is a catalog(images and descriptions) of a user’s merchandise(goods for sale) on the web for advertisement and publicity.

List your merchandise including pictures, descriptions, and prices for possible on-the-spot orders for your deliverables and have alerts sent to your associated mobile devices..

A unique link is generated for each item and can be shared by a business with its customers via social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter e.t.c. These customers can, in turn, share these links with friends and family thereby starting a potentially endless marketing chain of their business offerings.

Referral 2.0

Smart Shop Wildfire features a new, high-impact, overly rewarding, proprietary referral scheme that would ensure your business gets optimum exposure in the digital space that would generate huge feedback for your business. Referral 2.0 employs reward-based link sharing wherein a store owner on the Smart Shop platform awards redeemable credit to the propagators(customers, friends, etc) of a unique link of a business, only if orders for goods are received from such links.

Referral 2.0 is designed to capitalize on the ubiquity of internet-active mobile devices and the popularity of social media platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook as potent publicity platforms to spark a sales explosion.

Leverage Phone Contacts For Promotion

Spread word of your business by connecting to Whatsapp and turn your phone contacts to your business promoters.

Receive Orders Via Whatsapp

Wildfire enables users who associate their Whatsapp numbers with their storefronts to receive orders in the form of Whatsapp messages.

Share to Social Media

Share your offerings with the world from your storefront to social media platforms and get feedback in calls or sales or both. 😊

Manage Orders

View and manage orders for your products. Get alerts and notifications when there’s a new order for your deliverables. 😊

Measure Traction

Award loyalty credit, view customers’ accumulated credit, view analytics, deduce link diffusion dynamics and flag suspicious behavior.

Customer Loyalty Reward

The customer loyalty rewards scheme works to encourage repeat patronage of a business on the Smart Shop platform. Loyalty points are automatically awarded to customers who have placed an order for goods via the seller’s storefront and as a customer keeps buying from a particular seller on Smart Shop, they accumulate loyalty points which when large enough can be converted to discounts or cash rewards.

Reward deserving customers with loyalty credit that can be redeemed in discounts or cashback.

  • The seller/store owner has absolute disposition over how accumulated loyalty points of a customer will be redeemed.
  • For loyalty points to be rewarded to a customer, orders for goods must be made on the Smart Shop platform.

Discount reward: A discount is applied to the customer’s invoice on their next purchase from a store owner.

Monetary Reward: The accumulated loyalty points are converted to cash and paid to a customer by the store owner.

The reward for customer loyalty strengthens ties between buyer and seller, and of course, boost repeat purchase. Customers can refer a business or its offerings to others (family, friends and acquaintances) through the “share” button at the storefront interface and as a consequence, kickstart a web of publicity that can translate to more sales for a business.